Critical Care Reviews meeting 2016 blog – Session 4

Session IV

Panel Discussion 2015 Critical Care Literature – What I Thought of It

(This blog does no justice to the quality of discussion that occurred. Watch out for the recordings.)

EuroTHERM – the fallout when a trial is stopped early.

NO data on paracetamol as one of the most commonest drug used in the world

Holcomb: Let’s make sure we understand the basic of what we do everyday before we start looking at new things.

Less is more – least, most, minimum

Paul Young – Lancet paper on hypophosphotaemia and feeding strategy (DogICUma’s best of the rest paper of the year). Needs an answer re: nutrition – TARGET trial

Antony Gordon – stem cell therapy

Holcomb – prehospital blood products. Closed-loop technology to aid clinical decision making

Walsh – transfusion targets in high risk CVS pt. Blood products for invasive procedures such as line insertion on ICU

John Hinds’ Trauma Lecture: Brian Burns (@HawkmoonHEMS) Trauma Care – Back to the Future

Adrian’s personal note: I have known about John’s work through the wonders of social media for a while before finally meeting him in person at SMACC2015. 2 things struck me when we first met – 1) cool, he has kept the ponytail and 2) he isn’t very tall. But after talking to him, his passion, enthusiasm and humility was my overwhelming impression of him. If you’ve never heard him speak, have a listen to these two talks – they are brilliant.

Crack the chest: Get cruxified


A great tribute to start with John’s helmet on stage.

The range of topics presented

  • Blood products
  • Tranfers/MTC
  • Impact Brain Apnoea – role of brainstem, role of catecholamine surge
  • Traumatic cardiac arrest – Algorithm from HEMS

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